Member Benefits

Members of Consumers United Association enjoy the following benefits. For example, you'll have an opportunity to voice your opinion on current issues which impact consumers’ personal finances.

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Community and Financial Resources

Consumers United Association recognizes that many people are suffering through periods of unemployment or loss of income for other reasons during difficult economic times.

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Who We Are

We offer services and resources to aid consumers in the resolution of consumer problems and provide a united voice for consumers in the legislative arena.

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Become a Sponsor

Our corporate sponsors help us to provide Colorado consumers with the information and advocacy they need to improve their financial lives. Companies interested in the possibility of becoming a sponsor can contact us at:

CUA Does Not Use Telephone Solicitors

Recently, we have received angry emails from people claiming that CUA is conducting telephone solicitations. If you have received calls from solicitors claiming to be Consumers United, those calls are not coming from us. There are other companies called Consumers United, but they are not us. People who are telling us this have said the calls are for some kind of insurance. Consumers United Association does not sell anything, and specifically we do not sell insurance. We never use telephone solicitors. Please continue your search for the right company to contact about the phone calls you are receiving.